This Really is a Crap Report But

Novelty helps…

It is always nice to see something different and out of the ordinary every now and then. I was attending a friend’s wedding when I saw a group of gentlemen from the entourage wearing novelty cufflinks. It was a bit unorthodox but that’s just it! It makes something traditional, unique.

Google defines novelty as the quality of being new, original, or unusual. The great thing about novelties is that they do not define the occasion or event that you will be using it for, they simply define you. If you think that something looks good on you, like a necktie or a pair of cufflinks design, means that you associate the design with yourself and more often than not, it tells something about the bearer. So if you are looking into expressing yourself more and forgetting what others think of what you look like, novelties are the ones to use.

This is an example of a novelty item that appeals to the tech savvy and the food enthusiast.


And who wouldn’t be bored when taking a dump in a toilet cubicle, especially when you left your smartphone in your desk.


RDJ anyone???


Here’s a laugh generator that needs no punch line…


I wouldn’t want to be woken up by a dynamite stick beside my bed.


Own a DSLR? You might want to let the world know what you like.


Novelties help people express themselves more, making them more true to themselves and to others that they deal with every single day of their lives. You might want to try it out.